Mobile Concrete Recycling PlantsIncorporating all of the benefits of the static recycling plant, the mobile plant has the added benefit of an above ground water tank allowing for the storage of the recycled slurry water. These plants can process up to 10 cubic meters of concrete per hour and can be set up on site with 1 day, meaning a truly mobile plant. The unit can be transported on one standard semi-trailer allowing for easier relocation from site to site.

  • Mobile Concrete Recycling Plants
  • Recycle of large quantities of concrete in a short time frame
  • Recovery of aggregates
  • Saving of about 70% of clean water usage
  • Recycled water with suspended particles of cement and lime improves the quality of concrete
  • Cleanliness of the plant and working area
  • Respect for the environment
  • Flow rate: 10 m3/h of diluted concrete
  • All parts are galvanized
  • Above ground slurry water storage tank
  • No mechanical parts are in contact with the material
Mobile Concrete Recycling Plants