Project Description

Price: €POA

2012 De Detrich Gas powered water heating system. Completely housed in 40′ Container with the following specification:

The variety CA 430 consists of low temperature boilers destined for heating only. It is equipped with a gas burner and a standard S3 control panel.
The three-pass single bloc steel heating body with unblocking hearth allows particularly easy adjustment of the forced draught and low nitrogen oxide, as well as an operating system free from adjusted low temperature condensation (minimal return temperature 50°C).
This installation comprises (Inside a 40 ‘’ container):
– A ‘’De Dietrich – CA 430’’ boiler
– A ‘’De Dietrich G 40 S’’ burner
– A standard De Dietrich S3 control panel
– A 5000 l hot water reserve tank
– A Salmson twin head pump
– 2 Salmson homogenization pumps
– A centrifugal pump NKM-G 32 200 DAB (transferring towards equipment)
– A gas supply filter
– Safety solenoid valve with gas detector
– Carrier hot air exchanger
– Expansion tank
– Fittings (controller, thermometer, pressure regulator, safety valve…).